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This should go with out saying to any EV driver, but it is worth a mention to all, once your EV is charged up to what ever state of charge you want please move the car so that others that need it can access it. You wouldn’t park your car on a fuel station at the pump fill it up full and then go shopping for the day, would you? The same applies here.

What not to do!

Never park in a charging bay if you do not need to charge, they are not regular parking spaces, they are for charging, once completed then vacate the space.


Never leave rubbish around a charger.


Try not to lose your time charging above 80% unless it is necessary for your travel (e.g. going on a long trip), it takes roughly the same amount of time to charge from 0-80% as it does from 80-100%. It is far more efficient to leave at 80% and then move on to the next charger along your route instead of staying for an extra 30-60 minutes charging, where there can be a queue for the charger station.

What you should do!

Be kind and courteous to others, always try help others if they’re struggling to start a charge, they maybe new in the EV world, everyone is at some point.


If the supercharger or charger is broken/not at full performance then inform the operator (a phone number is usually found on the side of the charger or call roadside support if it is a supercharger) – They might be able to restart the charger to get you charging. If this still doesn’t work move your car out of the space so an engineer can fix and/or other owners can attempt to charge later in the day.


Non-adjacent etiquette when it come to the use of superchargers. Superchargers come in pairs (e.g. 1A & 1B), a general rule of thumb is not to plugin into a supercharger if another car is immediately next to you, if there is no other option it will be fine to do so but you will get a reduced charging speed as the two chargers are connected to the same feed. You will see stickers at the base of each supercharger, if a car is plugged into 1A then try to avoid plugging into to 1B if 2A or 2B is free.


Always unwind cables before use.


Place chargers back in holsters after use, to prevent damage to the connectors.


Ensure cables are neat and tidy before you leave.