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Tesla destination chargers are usually visible with a sign in either a white & red text or a red with white text. This particular piece of information is quite important to know, as the ones with a red sign can only be used by a Tesla car. A charger marked by a white sign is an open type and can be used by all EV owners not just dedicated to Tesla owners.

The locations of the Tesla destination chargers will often have a mix of both but this is not always the case. Normally the rule is 2 Tesla chargers to 1 EV charger that means there would need to be 3 chargers + at the destination in order for a non-Tesla car to be able to use the station. Tesla owners are able to plug into either but should aim for a Tesla only version (red sign) if it is available.

Some locations may require you to book a space in advance, so be sure to call ahead before arrival to check in case. If you will be relying on the power for your onward journey it’s recommended to call / mention you would like to use the charging at the time of booking.