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The first thing that needs to be understood before learning how to charge and electric car is the terminology. That is the frequently used acronyms  or special words, when describing the different items or processes. Some of these more common terms you find below:

Acronym/ Special word                         Meaning

  • EV                                               Electric Vehicle
  • DC                                              Direct Current
  • AC                                              Alternating Current
  • EVSE                                         Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • V                                                 Volt
  • A                                                 Current in Ampere
  • ICE                                             Internal Combustion Engine
  • Tethered                                 Cable connected to the charger
  • CCS                                           Combined Charging Standard
  • CHAdeMO                            CHArge de Move trade name for fast  charging created in Japan
  • Schuko                                      Euro wall socket
  • 3-pin                                          UK wall socket
  • RFID                                          Radio Frequency Identification

The worries of charging

Charging is the essential aspect of EV ownership or rental. There can be a lot of daunting things that come about with an electric car to those of us who have been used to driving ICE cars previously. There are such things as power ratings, connector types, cable requirements and vehicle specification to understand.


How do I charge an electric car?

The way to charge a car in itself is relatively straight forward with all EV manufacturers there tends not to be anything complex about it, the process is much like that of a regular fueling station with an ICE car except you carry the nozzle, (in this case a cable) in the car with you at all times ready for when you arrive at a charging point (a fueling station in an ICE car). First of all you will need to open the charger port on the car each car is opened differently, plug one end of the cable into the charger the other in to the charger port on the car (much like the opening the filler cap and inserting the nozzle with an ICE car) and generally the car takes care of the rest.

Note: Some charging points require you to turn the charger on using various methods this can be an RFID tag, a mobile phone app, text message or on the charger itself.

The chargers come in various shapes and sizes but in most locations are marked out clearly that they are EV specific areas for charging. And example of this can be seen below.

All EV’s have the ability to be charged from your standard wall outlet that suits the country the car is from, cars on the European Continent are generally the same type with some exceptions such as the UK as an example.

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Other questions you might have: