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Welcome to our story

After buying an electric car knowing very little about how it worked or where to charge it, we decided: “Hey, lets go for a European road trip” in the electric car.

While trip planning we found that there is little guidance when it comes to interesting venues or places to stay during the time while charging. We had to do a lot of homework to figure out where we wanted to go and what charging would support us on our trip, this is how the idea for While Charging was born!

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Why are we doing it?

We have a strong belief that the transition from ICE to electric vehicles is an inevitable move and we wish to make it happen sooner rather than later. Our team has built this website in order to assist with the transition and promote cleaner green travel debunking the popular myths concerning EV travel that it is possible while helping people learn the advantage of going 100% electric. Our main goal is to create a world-class online service which will help to find the perfect locations to visit whilst using an electric vehicle.

Why should your next car be electric?

Governments around the world are actively trying to reduce carbon emissions and with this nearly all car manufactures plan to have an all electric range of vehicles.

Maintenance is significantly reduced as there are less moving parts, bringing down the cost

The cost to run an EV vs ICE is much cheaper due to the lower cost of electricity vs regular fuel such as diesel and petrol.

Zero emissions whilst using an EV the emissions from it are reduced significantly from that of an ICE, added to that there are many charging stations that are run from green energy sources.